c. 1908
Coastal landscape of Cala Castell near Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain
c. 1908

Henri Brugnot

Lyon 1874 - 1940 Uzès

Oil on canvas, 21.26 x 25.6 in. (54 x 65 cm), signed lower right ,H. Brugnot.' On the back of the canvas inscribed with several numbers 59, 57 und 235B. Housed in its original frame, size 28.54 x 32.68 in. (72,5 x 83 cm).

Provenance: Collection Deroover, Belgium

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This painting is an early masterpiece by Henri Brugnot from the most important creative period between 1900 and 1910. In its quality, this oil is comparable with the good works of Henry Moret or, for example, Henri Martin. The artists mentioned have a very similar line, which can be described as sculptural. Middle-set strokes increasingly work out an astounding plasticity.


Henri Brugnot began his artistic training at the École des Beaux-Arts in his hometown Lyon. He then studied at Cormon in Paris and in Gustave Moreau's studio.

In many of his landscapes, Brugnot devoted himself to the subjects from his home country, Languedoc. On his travels through England, Spain (Granada) and Mallorca, more magnificent paintings were created, exhibited for example in a great exhibition with catalogue in 1906 in Paris.

From 1908 on Brugnot liked to paint specially in Valldemosa and Deya, as well as in other places on Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands.


Exhibition catalog: Willy Rogers. Œuvres de Henri Brugnot : Espagne, Angleterre, France; Paris, 1906

Artist dictionaries: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Schurr-Cabanne, Saur

Public collections holding works by Brugnot: Musée du Petit Palais, Paris


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